Hi, my name is miläääna.
I live is a western desert near honkong and I'm ende 30.
But i fall in the Kocher and versauf.
Vielleicht tu ich wieder auferstehen!
And it was a hard live, but it was it is a good live!
Genau on Silvester for 8 years I was born in der Schweiz and I erfand den Staubsauger.
On the 5.5.2005 is was died in Oedheim, because ther fließt the beschauliche Kocher vorbei!
All my live is was ledig and my hair is 1cm lang.
I can only see with my brille sonst I'm blind and I can't hear because I haven't some ears.
I'm blue, green and lila.
I work at Haller Löwenbräu and there was my first and only bier I ever hab getrunken.
Now in my house in the western desert live Klappersnakes.

this is the western desert baum in halden.
{but miläääna lived in a western desert and now wir fragen uns,
wie der tree dahin went?!}

....to be folgt!